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Committed to Renewable EnergyIn the last 12 months we have seen a growth in the energy efficiency market, where commercial businesses and local authorities are looking strategically at their carbon footprint. This has given us a window of opportunity to offer the supply & installation of these energy saving systems alongside all the traditional methods within the mechanical engineering sector.

Heating Systems
Domestic Hot & Cold Water
Rain Water Harvesting
Bio-Mass systems
Commercial Gas Installation (testing, purging)
Public Health
Chilled Water & Cooling Systems
Soil & Ventilation systems
Process Pipework

All these systems can be done in the following methods:

  • Mild steel screwed
  • Press fit system
  • Coded welding on Carbon mild steel & Stainless steel. (MMA, MIG & TIG)
  • Pressure Plastics
  • Cast Iron
  • Copper soldering & Brazing

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